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Course Description

An easy way for bNATP students to make up their absent online classroom hours.

  • Video Progression makes sure you’ve gone through the whole content
  • Flexible, you can re-watch your favorite lectures at any time, any place
  • Free for all bNATP enrolled students

Each lecture video will appear usually a day or two after the the recorded session is posted. All lecture videos will be removed at the end of the bNATP program. If a student had missed the last date of the bNATP for make-up reasons, the student will need to wait until the next available bNATP course starts to make-up the missed lecture hours. 

How do I make up a missed lecture?

  • To make-up your missed lecture, do the following:
  • NOTE: you are not allowed to graduate, or take the state competency exam, until all of your scheduled training hours are complete.
  • NOTE: you are not allowed to enter your clinical training until you complete the  minimum of 16  hours in the following:
    • Communication and interpersonal skills
    •  Infection control
    •  Safety/emergency procedures, including the Heimlich maneuver
    • Promoting residents’ independence
    •  Respecting residents’ rights
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