About Us

Cutting edge education and excellent customer service has proven to be a key part of our customer satisfaction.

Our Mission

The mission of SELECT THERAPY INSTITUTE, INC. is to provide our students, who seek to explore and develop career skills and experience, with learning and training opportunities so as to help them reach their goals either in a career or in personal enhancement.

The unifying theme of all our programs is Maslow’s hierarchy of needs: psychological, safety and protection, love and belonging, self-esteem, and self-actualization. The additional organizing principles of caring, critical thinking/problem solving, team building, ethics and cultural sensitivity have also been integrated into the programs.

Meet Our Faculty

We take pride in the quality of our educational training only second to our customer satisfaction.

Alfred Mayerski

Philanthropist and founder of Select Therapy Institute, Inc.

Dr. Kai Di, Lic. Ac.​

30+ years of practical experience in traditional oriental and western medicine. Founder of Select Therapy Institute, Inc.

Donna Speegle, RN

40 years of RN experience, and 20+ of teaching experience.

Christian Lara, LVN

10 years of nursing experience, and 8+ years of CNA training experience.

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What Our Students Have to Say

My English foundation is not very good; but under the guidance and encouragement of Select Therapy Institute, I passed my ARC CNA Exam in just one attempt, I am so happy! Here to encourage other current students, to study hard, follow the school's guidance, you won't have any problems passing the exam. Especially Select Therapy Institute, this has got to be the place for your CNA training! [translated]
Utilizing Select Therapy Institute's platform and streamlined workflow, I was able to pass my ARC CNA Exam easily. If you want stable job and to kick start your healthcare vocation, Select Therapy Institute is a great start. [translated]
My name is Lily and I was at Select Therapy Institute for three months of my CNA theory and clinical training. Through the help of all the faculties, I was able to successfully pass my ARC CNA Exam. Thank you to my Chinese tutor, and to all office staffs; and thank you to Ms. Christian. [translated]
Through two months of training, I successfully passed my ARC CNA Exam. Upon receiving my certification from the State, I wanted to sincerely thank all of the faculties of Select Therapy Institute for their hard work and patience. They are not only fluent in English and Mandarin Chinese, they are also very efficient in what they do, and they are extremely helpful to students. Tough but kind. I was able to not only learn basic nursing skills, but also dramatically improve my English skills. I was originally having trouble to speak English verbally, and now I am able to converse with the Nursing Home residents. I am about to start off this new career, and only have the staff and faculties of Select Therapy Institute to thank.[translated]
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